Welcome to Kid Concoctions, we are happy you stopped by to visit us. 
On this web site you will find out more about the business of Kid Concoctions, our past and present partners, and you can even find some of your favorite recipes from our four award winning children's books. 

All of our projects cost under $1 to create using only household ingredients. Many of the projects duplicate expensive toy store items. We designed each project to expose children to science, art, mathematics and basic life skills.

It has been a proven fact that children learn through creative play.  This is at the heart of our mission.  Providing safe, fun, quality family entertainment with easy to do. Our goal is to provide  inexpensive ideas that spark creativity and imagination in children.  These times spent together with a child can provide many moments to encourage a child, , built their self esteem, expand their creativity and more. 

We started as television guest on local networks doing our Kid Concoctions, and then slowly moved on to do regional and national television shows.  After almost 20 years of Concocting, our business and journey has taken us from television to best selling authors, selling over 4 million of our Kid Concoctions books to families all over the world.  We now have expanded to join with license partners to provide innovative products and experiences to families.  We both speak regularly as authors, concoctors, parents, and just as business people motivating others to live their dreams.  

We thank you for all the kind letters and emails. Many children that grew up with our books are now parents are sharing our books and products with their own children.  We never could have imagined how far this journey would have taken us.  We are humble and grateful for the opportunity to share with you and your families.  

So feel free to browse the clouds on the left to find what you are looking for.  If you don't find it here, please feel free to contact us and we would be happy and honored to assist you.  Happy Concocting to each and everyone of you!